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Our stock comprises of a wide range of valves that caters to most of the requirements of our clients. Since our stock is voluminous we assure you that your valve needs will be addressed as quickly as possible. Our core stock holding is displayed below and please contact us for more information.

TypeManufacturersSize RangeRatingsMaterials
Forged Gate, Globe, Check ValvesBonney Forge¼" - 2"150lbs - 2,500lbsA105N, LF2, F316-L, F11, Duplex
Cast Gate, Globe, Check Valves Larsen & Toubro 2" - 16" 150lbs - 300lbs WCB
Floating Ball Valves Bray ½" - 8" 150lbs - 300lbs WCB, CF8M
Cast Gate, Globe, Check Valves Yancheng 2" - 16" 150lbs - 300lbs WCB, LCC, CF8M
Trunnion Ball Valves Della Foglia, OMS Saleri, Valbart ½" - 16" 150lbs - 2,500lbs A105N/WCB, LF2/LCC, Duplex
Triple Offset Butterfly Valves Hobbs, Orton 2" - 24" 150lbs - 1,500lbs WCB/LCC/ Duplex
Dual Plate, Wafer Check Valves Crane Stockham 2" - 24" 150lbs - 1,500lbs WCB/LCC/ CF8M/Duplex
Plug Valves SerckAudco ½" - 16" 150lbs - 1,500lbs WCB/LCC/ CF8M/Duplex